Materials Used in Luxury Interior Design in Dubai

The type of materials used in luxury interior design is important. For any space including residential, corporate, and hospitality the right combinations of materials can set a mood and enhance the feeling of an area from top to bottom. From gorgeous marble tiles to plush velvet seating areas, the grandness of any room can be felt with thoughtful consideration given to an overall glamorous look. The use of materials can make that happen.

Functionality and form are all planned thoroughly with each interior design project we take on at Idea Art. As a successful design company with over 30 years of experience, one of the best parts of the job is bringing a concept to life through drawing, sketches, and 3D perspectives. But the actual installation is where you can feel how the exact right materials can bring a room to life.

Going from theory to finished design with materials that make it all happen is one of the most exciting aspects of the work. Let’s look at some of the materials trending right now in 2020 for the best in luxury interior design Dubai.

The Past is new Again

Even in this modern world of 2020, the past is new again. The 60s and 70s are especially popular right now in interior design. In decades that were marked by bright colors, lots of fun patterns, and metals galore, it’s easy to see why some of these trends are popular again.

The metals that are being used right now in modern luxury interior design are things like brass, bronze, aluminum, nickel, and steel. This trend may have originated in the 60s and 70s, but the way that it’s executed now in interior design feels fresh and modern. Metal is a truly versatile and easy to use material in a variety of design projects from corporate offices to private homes. Different kinds of metals make a bold statement choice in any room for a high quality aesthetic.

Artificial Materials are Becoming More Accepted

Artificial materials are also being widely used in interior design. They were originally invented as a less expensive alternative to natural materials, but now they are being used because these artificial materials are durable and easy to adapt to fit any circumstance.

Sometimes these man-made materials are even more expensive now than their natural counterparts. For example, this can include synthetic stone, mosaic tiles, and even eco-friendly materials.

Materials From and Inspired by Nature

Materials that are high quality and reflective of natural colors in nature are quite popular right now in luxury interior design Dubai. They bring the beauty of the outdoors inside for a Zen appeal that makes a space feel like a breath of fresh air. Texture is also important in these materials. Having the right feel at your fingertips in furniture, underfoot, and even in lighting can enhance a room.

This reflects the feel of being outside where texture in nature is everywhere from the leaves on the trees, to the sand under your feet at a beachside resort. Bringing that quality inside is letting people be more in touch with nature right inside their own home or office setting.

Color is also an important factor when it comes to materials in design when sticking to a palette of natural colors that are present in nature. Those include all different kinds of blues, greens, and soft neutrals to complement a space with the types of hues one would see outside.

Idea Art Are Experts in all Types of Materials

With Idea Art behind your luxury interior design Dubai projects, you’ll be in great hands. The thought and care we put into selecting just the right materials for each space are carefully planned out from top to bottom. Our goal is to make any space from residential to commercial a true work of art.