Private Office Interior Design Trends

The private office space has become somewhat of a sanctuary for many, with personalised private office interior design being at the forefront of a number of office interiors. From furniture and accessories to wall features and more, glamour is certainly not amiss from many private office spaces. While a conventional home office involves a desk and a few shelves in a separate space in the home, the more high-end offices see a wealth of luxury touches. We place the looking glass on some of the most significant private office interior design trends below.

A touch of contemporary minimalism

Many private offices display a fondness for simple details and functional pieces. Many modern private offices are embracing less furniture as a minimalist approach, with feature pieces such as an oversized desk and interesting bookshelf displays, while opting for a cleaner, more refined approach to design. Large-scale windows are also featured for natural light to make the interior space look and feel bigger, while scaling down on the overall decor pieces inside.

Glass meets natural wood

Another favourable trend is a particular focus on heavy wooden furniture and glass tabletops. Whether it be a large natural wood desk with wooden flooring or a dramatic wooden bookshelf built into the wall as a backdrop, the classic office still remains. However, glass is also present, with coffee tables or elaborate glass desks with a leather chair seated behind it.

Office lighting becomes paramount

While natural light is also quite fundamental, lighting—whether it refers to fixtures or portable pieces—are also popular within private office interior design. From industrial fixtures to large-scale desk lamps and desks featuring under top lighting displays hidden from view, private offices are currently big on proper lighting within the space.

All things ergonomic

With a specific focus on ergonomic office furniture and gadgets, the point is to encourage well-being, comfort and overall health. From ergonomic desk chairs to ergonomic computer devices, the trend is seen throughout private offices across the world.

Biophilic is big

People enjoy a touch of the outdoors, even within an indoor space. It is for this very reason that private office spaces are seen incorporating greenery such as plants and other elaborate natural displays. Plants and green spaces add to the physical environment generating fresh air, which ultimately has a positive effect on one’s physical and mental health.

More leisure, more pleasure

Among many private offices, one can see a separate space to kick back and relax when wanting to break away from the work desk but not get distracted by leaving the room completely. As such, separate seating areas are apparent, whether they come as a living area type of layout or a chillout zone with soft seating being available. Either way, this is a popular trend within the private office space.

Elaborate displays are prominent as focal feature points

The private office is one that has, as mentioned before, a more personalised design that caters to the interests and taste of the individual that will be occupying the space. As such, people have not shied away from incorporating what they want to bring into their personal arenas. Office spaces feature many elaborate displays, from feature ceilings and sliding bookshelves to built-in aquariums for a touch of the ocean.

A more pastel colour palette

Furniture pieces are taking a turn towards lighter colours within the private office interior design in order to create a feeling of harmony. Where some offices may still feature pops of colour—which is equally on-trend at the moment—many office environments are seen making a jump towards lighter shades seen in furniture and decor pieces.

It is quite apparent that the private office interior design trends are leaning towards contemporary and minimalist designs, natural features, lighter shades of colours and biophilic elements, to name a few. The trends influencing private office interiors are built around what is required personally, such as incorporating elements that boost productivity and wellness.

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