Hospitality Interior Design Dubai

The year 2023 has seen an influx of new hospitality interior design Dubai trends. A new era of hotels, restaurants and a variety of other hospitality spaces has welcomed numerous new trends in the hospitality industry, with interior designers leaving a host of trends in the teens. With a more welcoming approach to the environment, more relaxed finishes, self-care at the forefront, and brand awareness and setting oneself apart from the rest being some of the main focuses for the year. We discuss a few of the hottest and most prominent trends seen within hospitality interior design within the Dubai region.

Zooming in on the health-conscious trends

A major influence on the hospitality interior design is that of how people perceive one another, more particularly in terms of lifestyle. Because of people growing more health-conscious, this is reflected within the design trends populating restaurants, hotels and more. More restaurants and hotels are making a shift towards accommodating a healthy lifestyle through serving healthy and organic foods, as well as environmentally-friendly meals. The hospitality industry is also avidly welcoming local flavours and dishes, serving a contemporary as well as a traditional approach to Middle Eastern cuisine, whether it be fusion or conventional foods. 

Taking a more economic approach to hospitality

As people’s spending and living habits are constantly changing with time, hospitality interior design Dubai has started taking into consideration the economic activity, and serving up food and service to match. Examples of these include more pop-up restaurants, medium-priced hotels as tourists flocking to Dubai are now frequently inclusive of the middle class, with restaurants and hotels now partnering up to work together so that a more diverse Food & Beverage experience is offered within hospitality.

Self-care is placed at the epicenter

As more and more people gravitate towards taking care of themselves and their overall well-being, the hospitality industry is taking a more holistic approach when it comes to the guest experience. More elements of nature are present within spas and restaurants, such as greenery and natural light filtering through. Equally so, an overall environmentally conscious take on how guests experience their customer journey has become highly important, with sustainable products and service being at the forefront of hospitality.

More relaxed = a more honest perception

Instead the more refined look, hospitality interior design Dubai is welcoming a more relaxed approach to how they utilise decor and bring interior spaces to life. A less “in-your-face” strategy is what allows people to feel more relaxed and for the space to appear more honest. Examples of how this is exercised includes a greater use of textiles, the layering of various materials, and using repurposed materials to promote sustainability and mixing it with more refined objects for a creative and balanced blend.

The environment becomes of importance

The hospitality industry is taking a more serious take on the environment and how our actions affect the planet as a whole. From incorporating water-saving methods within bathrooms, to using biodegradable products such as linen and utilising reusable decanters to promote the use of plastic, it is clear that there is serious consideration of our carbon footprint.

From serving up organic meals and embracing local flavours, the importance of self-care being promoted, teaming up with others in the industry to accommodate everyday travellers, and becoming more eco-conscious, hospitality interior design Dubai is making major changes to the way that interior spaces are both used and perceived. The guest experience becomes even more important than it ever was before, with a more relaxed feel being utilised when decorating and selecting colours and materials. It is remarkably evident that Dubai’s hotels and restaurants are taking a starkly different stance than before.

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