Home interior design in Dubai: Mirroring the Exhibited Interior Design Trends of 2023

The year 2023 sees a focus on lighting interior design trends. With 3daysofdesign being the first-ever big design exhibition to occur in the midst of a pandemic, it showcased various trends in light fixtures, with sheepskin furnishings and mirrors leaving their mark in interior design trends witnessed at various locations throughout Copenhagen. Elsewhere, retro industrial lighting makes a comeback and mid-century modern designs serves as a favoured blast from the past. Wondering what’s hot in home interior design in Dubai and the rest of the world? We place the looking glass on some of the most prominent design trends of the year below.

Denmark’s Annual Interior Design Event

Refusing to be silenced by a pandemic, 3daysofdesign persevered with its highly anticipated interior design event, taking place in the capital city of Copenhagen. With all the right regulations in place, lighting was arguably one of its most featured trends. Lyfa turned the spotlight to 50 of its pendant, floor, wall and table lamps, reimagined by GamFratesi. One of its tasteful displays included a dual pendant emanating light in two directions, with the pendant designed in solid brass and steel, finishing off with a lick of contemporary matte paint.

OEO Studio revealed their rectangular- and oval-shaped mirror designs, curated with glass and wood finishes. Representing refined Danish style with slim elegance, these mirrors add the final touch to almost any interior space. Also featured were trending furnishings clothed in sheepskin, seen across the board at the design exhibition as a whole. It’s easy to see why these sophisticated trends are influencing the home interior design in Dubai.

Reimagined Understated Retro and Industrial Interior Design Styles

With an emphasis on rustic and metal finishes, the new retro industrial interior style trends see sleeker designs and a variety of tones in light fixtures. It’s extremely popular within kitchen spaces or as a daring wall artwork. With the modern industrial design styles reflecting finer details, it fits into almost any interior space without representing the typical warehouse look.

Mid-Century Modern and Art Deco

Balancing art with form, bespoke designs and clean lines, this trend initially came to light during the 1920s and 1970s. Mostly evident in stylish light fixtures, Art Deco has a strong focus on geometric designs, while mid-century modern combines a touch of functionality with natural shapes.

Swapping out Grays for Blues

We’re saying goodbye to the much-loved gray tones and embracing hues of blue instead. With blues reflecting elegance and a clean finish, touches of blue are becoming more prominent in interior spaces to bring warmth and style to the home, partly because it’s an easy color to blend into various rooms and create good flow.

Layering with Textures

Adding a defined bit of interest to any room is possible through the use of textures to create variety in layering. Whether you do this with various shades of one color, or different colors completely, combined with chunky bric-a-brac and an assortment of materials. Another great way to add texture is through incorporating plants into your interior spaces.

2020 has been a whirlwind of a year so far, reflected within the change in direction of interior design trends across the globe. With a strong focus on making interior spaces warmer, lighting has been a popular trend to date. Grays replace blues, and industrial makes a strong comeback. Textures continue to take the interior design world by storm, and we wrap up with warm sheepskin to finish off with a fluffy touch to this year’s witnessed interior design trends.

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