The Use of Lighting in Luxury Interior Design

Lighting is a key element in luxury interior design. There are many ways to put together amazing light installations throughout a home or commercial space that will highlight its best features. Idea Art, as the premier luxury interior design Dubai firm, knows exactly how to come up with light fixtures that will enhance high-quality interiors.

Light itself can bring about feelings of warmth, hospitality, and happiness. Having the right combination of lighting throughout any space can complete the overall aesthetic that only comes through when the light shines in just the right way. Modern lighting needs to be adjustable and unique to the space. Let’s look at some of the best of Idea Art’s luxury interior design work in the use of lighting. Perfect lighting is definitely one of the most important factors in interior design.

Modern Residential Lighting Design

A home is your ideal location to relax in after a long day of work. Ideally, your home should be luxurious, comfortable, and with an interior design that just makes you feel happy and at ease. With lighting for residential design, it’s all about the optimum levels of lighting for each room.

It’s a very customized process to make sure that the lighting is just right for each space. The lighting in a kitchen is going to be drastically different from the lighting in a bedroom, for example. Creating the perfect ambiance is achievable with fixtures that complement each room.

Opulent lighting such as chandeliers can make a place feel grand and luxurious, like this one that our designers did for a client at Idea Art. Most of the lighting design in residential spaces is built-in and considered “recessed lighting” to make the light feel like it’s a natural part of the space. Gone are the days of clunky light fixtures that take up too much space, are too bright, and aren’t a pleasing part of the natural aesthetic of a home. Light can be warm and inviting in a home when it’s blended into the decor. This is true for any room in your home.

Hospitality Lights Done Right

When it comes to grand hotels and resort spaces, the lighting can make a big statement. For example, the lighting and interior work we did for the Lords Grand Hotel is unmistakably opulent. Big, impressive light fixtures and chandeliers that are bold pieces were placed throughout the property. The individual guest rooms and suites also have bespoke lighting that is truly modern and special. Everything about the design quality of this great hotel is enhanced with lighting that has a magical quality to it.

Corporate and Commercial Lighting is Important

Corporate and commercial spaces also need high-quality interior design lighting as well. The days of old school fluorescent lighting that was tacky and garish is luckily gone for good. More office style spaces are realizing the need for lighting that makes a space more focused, and productive at the same time.

It’s a balance that Idea Art is happy to provide for any luxury interior design Dubai corporate spaces. The right lighting in a commercial building, like this one for Invest Bank, can add power and direction to a business.

For a restaurant’s environment, perfect lighting can add a warm ambiance that feels cozy and unique, like this one for an upscale Italian restaurant at the Taba Hotel.

Lighting is a Constantly Evolving Medium for Interiors

Lighting can make or break a room. It’s just that simple. For a space to be showcased in the best way possible, the light has to be designed for practical purposes and also to create the proper mood. The light has to set the stage for a combination of function and style. That’s a tricky balance to achieve when it comes to any interior. Idea Art is proud to create such unique and lasting light installations for so many different projects in luxurious interior design.