Working From Home

It’s true to say that the ‘design business’ is ever-changing as new technologies, materials and techniques continue to revolutionize our interior spaces.  However, the pandemic has brought about the necessity for rapid changes to the way we work whilst still providing uninterrupted service for our clients. 

While 3D can greatly help when it comes to showcasing designs to clients, working from home, or #WFH as it is now known, presents a unique set of challenges that are new to us. So, if like us, you find yourself out of the office here are a few tips that can help you stay productive and maintain your emotional wellbeing.

If you don’t already have a home office create a dedicated work zone which ideally should be in a quiet corner of your home.

Declutter your chosen area of junk and, if you can, move some indoor plants in the area (without depriving the rest of the household of nature!). Plants help purify the air and increase oxygen levels, all good for when you need to concentrate. Also, looking at them can be calming and therapeutic and with parks currently being closed, it’s good to bring a bit of greenery into your life.

Keep to your normal schedule as much as possible.

It’s all too easy to get distracted when you are working from home so try and maintain your normal working schedule as much as possible.  This includes taking lunch breaks away from your desk and having a firm start and finish time to your day. 

Dress for the occasion.

Although no one in the ‘outside world’ may see you it is still a good idea to dress like you normally would if you were in the office – this mentally switches you from home mode to office mode.  Just remember in the evening to do the reverse!

Don’t get bombarded by the news.

Although it is sensible to keep up with world events you can unintentionally cause yourself unnecessary stress by constantly checking for the latest updates.  Rely on official channels for your updates and latest advice so that you can avoid fake news wherever possible and ensure you adhere to the latest government directives. 

Don’t rely on the phone. 

With it generally being cited that 50-60% of communication is non-verbal, make sure to use video calling technologies wherever possible to avoid any possible misunderstandings.  Working in a highly visual environment such as design this is especially important for us when communicating not only with our clients but also between the Idea Art team.

While we may not currently be in our offices we are here if you would like to talk to us about a design project, simply reach out and one of the team will arrange a virtual face to face meeting with you.  Remember Stay Home, Stay Safe.