How has COVID-19 impacted the interior design industry?

While some businesses are having to rapidly adapt to operating in 2020, the impact of the pandemic on architecture and interior design has in many ways been a positive one. With people spending more time at home, we are all starting to reassess our home environments and what is important to us as individuals when we look at our immediate surroundings. Here we look at some of the emerging trends that are coming out of the design world in response to the COVID-19.

The importance of the home office

With the likelihood that the workforce will look towards a more fluid way of working, spending less time in the office but more time in the home office, this often neglected space will need careful consideration. Conceptual designs for new builds will need to take into consideration numerous factors which not only include a space that is full of natural light but one that if fit for purpose in the virtual world and can put across the feeling of a professional environment. In the case of existing properties remodelling and reimaging the home office needs to not only take into account practicalities but also the mental health and well being of the individual occupying the space.

The desire for outside space

Recent findings have shown that the types of properties people are searching for has now changed. With social distancing being around for the foreseeable future, space to enjoy leisure activities has become more and more important. Searches for properties with their pools has increased, as has the demand for apartments with large balconies. Both should function as an extension of the interior of a home and when beautifully designed and furnished, they can complement any home and have the added advantage of contributing to the happiness of homeowners.

The trend towards indoor green spaces

Where external space isn’t an option vertical gardens could become an emerging trend in interior design. These are quite often found in hotel spaces and as we have previously reflected homes are all about hotel-level luxury and that level of sophistication is now becoming more evident in request from clients as they reevaluate their homes.

The impact  of technology

Technology has played an important role in the evolution of design, and perhaps no more so than in recent months where sketches and drawings have perhaps taken a step back as 3D renderings become more and more important when discussing a design with a client outside of a physical meeting. Technology not only has an impact on how we design but also on the materials that we use within interior design. Consideration will now be given to the types of materials used, especially in areas such as the kitchen, where surfaces that do not support the longevity of germs and viruses will become a highly desired element of interior design.

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