The Changing Face of Dubai Hotels Interior Design

The future of interior design is here. New materials, green technology, and sophisticated interiors are all on display in many of the new hotels that have recently opened in Dubai. The second half of 2019 will bring even more futuristic properties to the forefront of innovative interior design. There are 12 more hotels opening up in the Dubai area very soon with breathtaking interiors that will surprise and delight guests. This is a very exciting time in modern design for creating interiors spaces that have an awe and wonder factor like you’ve never seen before.

Idea Art has created exceptional interiors for many different properties, like these new hotels in Dubai. We are constantly scouting new looks with up to date materials that will make design interiors shine in a unique way. Let’s look at some of the latest trends in interior design materials that many Dubai hotels are using to stand out from other parts of the world. The changing face of how we see the interiors of these modern hotels makes them different to lead the way for alternative design initiatives for decades to come.

  • Technology in Surprising Places for Dubai Hotels Interior Design

The brand new Paramount Hotel is a great example of using technology in a modern way. In this new luxury hotel with 69 floors, you’ll see video screens at all different points of the hotel, including the lobby, that will make it seem like you’re on a film set. The company is owned by Paramount Pictures, the famous film studio, so obviously this is a natural extension of their brand. Combining interiors with entertainment is definitely a modern trend in interior hotel design that makes the guest feel engaged with the property while they are staying there. Around every corner there is something spectacular to see while you are staying at the hotel.

  • Greenery is Bringing the Outdoors Inside

The combination of using outdoor greenery inside to create a world that’s environmentally pleasing is a popular trend in interior design. The new property that best boasts this feature is the Andaz Dubai The Palm. This beachfront property has interiors that are open and airy with beautifully landscaped gardens all throughout the resort. The calming zen of the interiors makes the guest feel like they are away at their own private oasis. Interior design with the ultimate goal of escaping the busy world is a defining feature of this new property.

  •  Water Water Everywhere

The soothing property of water is evident in new design features of the upcoming FIVE Jumeirah Village Dubai. Peaceful. Sensual. Modern. With 247 total rooms in this 800 foot skyscraper, there are a whopping 271 pools inside. Some of those are obviously incorporated into guest suites and luxe apartments, while others are located throughout the property for any guest to enjoy. That’s quite a few different water features that will allow the power of aqua blue to transport the guests’ senses into a beautifully serene world.

  • Other Unusual Materials Being Used in Hotel Interior Design

Some of the other materials that you’ll likely see in many of these upcoming hotels are stone, bamboo, and using glass with different modern lighting installations. All of these elements add color and texture to environments that in the old days of hotel design weren’t meant to be all that interesting. Hotels were basically meant to be functional places to stay. Now that’s all changed. These new hotels are in a class all their own. When interior design firms, like ours at Idea Art, are coming up with concepts for luxury hotel properties, the name of the game is anything goes. That’s just as long as the end result is a pleasing sensory experience like no other. The Dubai hotels interior design concepts are going to be looked at to inspire new properties all around the world.