Index Exhibition Design Trends

The Index Exhibition is part of the Middle East Design and Hospitality Week. It’s the region’s largest interior design event that is held in the Dubai World Trade Center each year. This year it took place from September 17th to the 19th, 2019. With over 1000 exhibitors and a record 50,000 attendees, this was a great chance for interior designers, like Idea Art, architects, hotels, and many other brands to come together for a grand showcase of visionary ideas in design.

With areas to explore in lighting, textiles, hospitality interiors, and furniture, people got to experience a world of design like no other. It’s truly a magical place that explores trends and avant-garde ideas in the design business that will influence the industry for years to come. Let’s look at some of the best design trends this year at the Index Exhibition that will inspire elevated creativity.

Futuristic Furnishing

Furniture is getting more advanced in design quality and looks practically futuristic at this point. The trend this year was definitely with pieces that surpass expectations and normalcy. Brilliant and innovative was the trend this year. You could see that in furnishings by companies like Melobuk 1989, a Polish company, that designs and makes artisan handmade furniture for kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms both for the home and hospitality industries.

Opulent Lighting Installations

Trends in lighting are always a big deal at the Index Exhibition, but this year the trend in lighting in very bold and opulent. Luxury through and through. Brasslight International, a lighting company from Dubai, led the way with gorgeous chandeliers, lanterns, and table lamps that were perfect for commercial and residential buildings.

Color and More Color

Color is big this year with the trends leaning more towards bright and warm colors. The neutral minimalism of the past is gone with Pantone’s Color of the Year, “Living Coral,” featured prominently in many of the design spaces on display at the exhibition.

3-D Wall Decorations

Wall decor just got a little bigger. 3-D wall decorations with natural materials were a big hit at the show this year. You can see an example of this with a Portuguese company like PLADEC, who specializes in high-end decorative panels for wall interiors that are interesting and new. The textures and styles they have are amazing with the chance to elevate the design aesthetic of a space to new heights.

High-Quality Natural Materials

In everything from home decor to art and furniture, there was an abundance of high-quality natural materials. Sustainability is the trend here with design companies leaning towards creating spaces that use a bounty of old materials made new again.

Luxury Bathrooms

Bathrooms have taken on a vibe of showstopping appeal. Minimalism is out of the picture for bathrooms, with darker trends in color and sinks that look more like art installations. It’s lighting taking on new dimensions in style. The overall theme is to make a big impression with a small space that most people don’t think much about.

Start Planning for Next Year

Next year the Index Exhibition will take place on September 15th-17th, 2020. As a design professional or property owner, it’s never too early to make your plans to attend next year’s event. As one of the leading design companies in Dubai, Idea Art always loves the inspirations that come out of attending such a high-quality design event each year.