Villa K

Idea Art - 2022



Villa K is a two story private residence located in Meydan’s Millenium Estates in Dubai, UAE. The Villa spreads over two levels revealing a double height ceiling at the main entrance, the stairs lobby and the main reception space. IAIA Studio used various marble slabs and finishes to accentuate the potential of natural stone in the home’s interiors. Marble Slabs have been carefully selected to match with one another, wrapping floors and walls, and sculpted to include patterns, textures and lighting details.

‘We wanted to show what can be done with the Marble’ says IAIA Head of design Darine Jabeili.

Being a marble lover, the client wanted to create depth and various tones and atmospheres singularly through the use of marble. They wanted to emphasize themes within the different spaces, accommodating their unique lifestyle. In response to the client’s needs and aspirations, Villa K’s aesthetic is one of ‘altered materiality’ – an avant-garde approach to deal with various materials together in one spatial complexity. Throughout the design process, the four natural elements were present, taking part in the design decision process and iterative methodology. The material palette was guided by primary materials and generated through careful examination of natural daylight and artificial lighting elements. The aim was to take the client on an atmospheric journey filled with textures and patterns felt through Vision and Touch.

The colors, materials, textures, and veins of the marble shift with each space, telling a different part of the story.

Each room is designed with a new storyline in mind. One that follows the functionality of the space as well as converse with light, shape and form of its architectural elements.

On the ground floor, colder marble is used, covering the floor in a book-matched finish and wrapping the walls with fluted marble that adds depth to the space. Wood plays a big role in the design and completes the marble’s veins by adding lines of oak veneer to the storyline. Finally unique suspended lighting fixtures float in the double height reception providing sculptural ambient light. The stairs leading to the second-floor act as an interruption through the break in the marble use, style of finish and sculpted cladding. The silver travertine wraps steps and walls, revealing monolithic stairs with various lighting scenarios shedding light simultaneously on the steps, the walls, and the patio.

Above this, on the second floor is a bridge crossing the double height entrance connecting the bedrooms together. Each bedroom is characterized by its own material selection and finishes. Light, vegetation and wood finishes adding to the quality of the space.

‘We chose to work with natural materials, that tell story. We wanted to work with what nature provides’.

The project used natural material and managed residues by incorporating them in design elements within the furniture, the house’s technical areas and parking. In fact, the parking area was covered with a patchwork of residual silver travertine marble. From material selection to furniture design, the project’s focal point was nature as a key player. Colors, finishes, materials and accessories reflected it.


Location: Meydan, Dubai – UAE.
Status: On-going
Type: Residential
Area: 770 sq.m.²
Lead Architect: Elias Soueidi
Client: Fadi Khoury

Media & Awards



Society of British Interior Design (SBID) 2023 | Residential | Winner 

Commercial Interior Design | Best Residential Project | Finalist

Archdaily | 2024 Building of the year | Finalist

IDA | Honorable Mention 

Architecture & Design Collection | Silver Prize