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256 | Amanat Office

Idea Art - 2022



Located at the Dubai World Trade Center, Amanat’s Offices is a projection of the company’s success in the investment world. Offering multiple investment ecosystems varying between healthcare, education and enabling platforms, the project’s brief and architectural party was directed towards excellence, elegance, and boldness.


The Amanat team members are all hands-on individuals with whom we met at various occasions to discuss their needs and aspirations for the project, but also to understand the dynamic that exists between them.


One longitudinal line across the offices splits them into two sections: Executive and Operation. Flooring, ceiling, wooden cladding responded to the split, by creating a contrast allowing the two areas to converse with each other.


The executive area consists of a welcoming lobby conceived to promote the bold image of Amanat through a white Marble floor, and dark wooden lats. A carved out monolithic marble bloc creates the reception desk, thin slabs of Calacatta and Pietra Grey Marble shape a bench and finally, a custom-made table with an interactive screen displays Amanat’s metrics.


The remaining areas in the executive section are the CEO and CFO Offices, the board room, and the VIP Majlis, all designed with comfort, elegance, and boldness in mind.


The operation area houses all investors and associates and their teams. These spaces are lighter in colors, bright and inspiring for people to work in. Each office was designed to allocate for the role occupying it to thrive. Executive Offices allow for one-on-one meetings and white board presentations, while the associates provide a fun co-working space, working well with the dynamic of the team.


Two meeting rooms regroup the teams informally, one enclosed and the other dynamic and flexible. The latter was designed as a convertible box in the middle of the office’s floor plan, offering several scenarios for its usage, from completely closed to completely open. The meeting room becomes a part of the flow of the office with meetings and gatherings happening there all the time.

Location:DWTC, Dubai – UAE.

Type:Corporate Offices

Status:Completed 2022

Area:750 sqm.²

Lead Architect:Elias Soueidi

Client:Amanat Holdings PJSC

Photographs:Rabih Rechdan

Media & Awards



Interior Design Awards | Office and services center – Honorable mention

SBID | Finalist

Arabian Property Awards | Winner