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226 | Presidential Hotel – Palais Wia

Idea Art - 2017



Located at the Boulevard des Martyrs in the heart of Cocody Abidjan, Palais WIA is a boutique Hotel with a unique contextual story told through its thematic guest rooms. Surrounded by lushes of greeneries and exotic nature, the building itself is impregnated by the African culture in general and the lvorian in particular. Through a meticulous attention to detail and a careful examination of design shapes and artefacts, our intervention aimed at offering a complete immersive experience to guests visiting the hotel. In fact, rooms have been designed and dedicated to famous african leadership figures that have impacted Abidjan, Ivory Coast and the African continent. The rooms showcasing the figure’s character traits and playing on its assete tiurns each stay into an immersive dialogue and a cultural experience for the guests.

Location:Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

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Society of British Interior Design (SBID)  | Hotels | Finalist